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Monday – Sunday
12:00pm - 10:00pm

Piedra & Sal Restaurant pays tribute to Peru's Criollo food. Our menu offers a taste of the many traditional dishes served in the highlands of Peru. Try our Chicken with Chancaca over a wheat cream bed, or our Alpaca in a Pepper reduction.

Our selection of South American wines offer the palate a variety of notes and depths that compliment our mains delightfully.

Meat and Cheese Sampler
Selected options from the world

Pork chicharrón with plantain chips, anticucho tenderloin and potatoes in huancaina sauce

Shrimp Skewers
Garlic sauteed shrimp, olive oil and lemon

Mushroom Bruschetta
Garlic sauteed mushrooms, bacon, spinach and basil

Pork chicarron bruschetta
Deep-fried cusquenian style pork with salsa criolla

Native Sampler
Variety of native potatoes and sauces

Tender beef on skewers

Soft Chicken Soup
Chicken soup with vegetables and noodles

Pumpkin Cream
Creamy squash soup cooked with onion, zucchini,
carrot and coconut milk

Romaine mix, garlic croutons, parmesan cheese,
caesar dressing, accompanied with quinoa crusted chicken strips

Mixed greens, mushrooms, tomato confit, mango,
almonds with a vinegar reduction served with beetroot chips

Chicken with Chancaca and Pepper
Grilled chicken with a pumpkin wheat cream bed and
a rocoto pepper chancaca syrup

Lomo Saltado
Marinated sirloin strips stir-fried with onions, tomatoes,
aji peppers and cilantro accompanied by native french fries

Osobuco Beef
Osobuco beef cut in a wine and aji sauce
served over cream of quinoas

Alpaca in a Pepper Sauce
Alpaca sirloin covered in a pepper sauce
accompanied by a traditional pastel de papa

Cuy Chactado
Sureño-style fried cuy, with andean potatoes
and cheese solterito

Salmon Trout
Grilled trout with butters and capers
accompanied by mashed potatoes

Suspiro de Maracuya
Manjar blanco custard with our house passion fruit

Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate mousse covered in a house chutney

Por una Buena Causa - $13
Andean potato roll filled with cream cheese and kiuri topped with cilantro and limo (ceviche styled) seasoned octupus.

Kausachun - $13
Andean potato causa topped with panko shrimp, anticucho spiced mayonnaise, chili and mango chutney.

Tequeños Alembic - $14
Crispy tequenos filled with a spicy chicken, cheese and chili sauce with a chili and creamy black olive dip.

Triadito - $12
White fish sashimi trio , seasoned wasabi mayonnaise, torched oriental style, and huancaina cream. 

Costa, Sierra y Selva - $13.5
Black quinoa breaded shrimp, arugula and heart of palm salad, and goose berry dressing. 

El Peruanaso - $10.5
Rotisserie chicken sandwich, with yellow chilli cream, ciboulette and mini fries. Tomato and avocado salad. 

Sir Loin Sanguchon - $13
Tender sirloin sándwich on crispy bread, caramelized onion, sauted mushrooms and anticucho spiced mayonnaise, joined with potatoe chips.

De a Tres en Vez - $13.5
Hamburger trio: yellow chilli cream and onion rings, chimichurri with cheese and glazed tomato, bbq and sour cream

Raclette Vegetariano - $13
Grilled raclette with mushrooms in chimichurri, bell pepper, red onion, sweet corn and zucchini, with melted mozarella cheese.

Y Vino el Cordero...…  - $13 
Slow cooked lamb in wine with caramelized onion topped with red chili cream.

Franchute Llegado a Huacho - $13
French-toasted brioche with covered with crispy black quinoa and scrambled Huacho sausage.

Montadito Ficho - $15.5 
Charcoal oil blackened sirloin, churrasqueria style plantains, quail eggs, and cocona and limo chili chalaquita.

Pa Dentro! - $15.5 
Creamy Andean corn pie with stir fried sirloin.

Piscoton - $6
Three milk cake with a Pisco chocolate liquor.

Melcochoso & Cafetoso - $3
Moist chocolate coffee brownie.

Frutos de mi Peru - $3
Chocolate and lucuma mousse.

Sanguchitos de mi Tierra - $2.5 
Cornmeal cookies with lucuma manjar.