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084 200 700

Monday – Sunday
6:00pm - 11:00pm

Macerado Pisco & Tapas Bar is one of a kind pisco bar in San Blas, Cusco, Peru. House macerates, rich tapas, and a timeless ambiance.


Por una Buena Causa - $13
Andean potato roll filled with cream cheese and kiuri topped with cilantro and limo (ceviche styled) seasoned octupus.

Kausachun - $13
Andean potato causa topped with panko shrimp, anticucho spiced mayonnaise, chili and mango chutney.

Tequeños Alembic - $14
Crispy tequenos filled with a spicy chicken, cheese and chili sauce with a chili and creamy black olive dip.

Triadito - $12
White fish sashimi trio , seasoned wasabi mayonnaise, torched oriental style, and huancaina cream. 

Costa, Sierra y Selva - $13.5
Black quinoa breaded shrimp, arugula and heart of palm salad, and goose berry dressing. 

El Peruanaso - $10.5
Rotisserie chicken sandwich, with yellow chilli cream, ciboulette and mini fries. Tomato and avocado salad. 

Sir Loin Sanguchon - $13
Tender sirloin sándwich on crispy bread, caramelized onion, sauted mushrooms and anticucho spiced mayonnaise, joined with potatoe chips.

De a Tres en Vez - $13.5
Hamburger trio: yellow chilli cream and onion rings, chimichurri with cheese and glazed tomato, bbq and sour cream

Raclette Vegetariano - $13
Grilled raclette with mushrooms in chimichurri, bell pepper, red onion, sweet corn and zucchini, with melted mozarella cheese.

Y Vino el Cordero...…  - $13 
Slow cooked lamb in wine with caramelized onion topped with red chili cream.

Franchute Llegado a Huacho - $13
French-toasted brioche with covered with crispy black quinoa and scrambled Huacho sausage.

Montadito Ficho - $15.5 
Charcoal oil blackened sirloin, churrasqueria style plantains, quail eggs, and cocona and limo chili chalaquita.

Pa Dentro! - $15.5 
Creamy Andean corn pie with stir fried sirloin.

Piscoton - $6
Three milk cake with a Pisco chocolate liquor.

Melcochoso & Cafetoso - $3
Moist chocolate coffee brownie.

Frutos de mi Peru - $3
Chocolate and lucuma mousse.

Sanguchitos de mi Tierra - $2.5 
Cornmeal cookies with lucuma manjar.